Sufism / Tasavvuf

Below you can read/listen to two poems I like very much – one from Muhammad Iqbal, and one from a Turkish Sufi thinker, Yunus Emre.

Payam-i Mashriq (Message of the East)220px-Iqbal

“What should I do? My nature does not like to rest at a fixed place,
My heart is like the winds that blow over the poppy fields.

When I behold a beautiful face of a beloved,
My heart soon after begins to beat for a more beautiful one.

From the spark I march on in quest of the Star, from the Star on to the Sun.
I have no final goal, for I shall die if I am at rest.


I am in search of that end which does not exist,
But I go on with restless eyes and a hopeful heart.
The heart of a lover would die in an eternal Paradise,
For there is no cry of pain, no sorrow, nor a sympathiser.”

Muhammad Iqbal

Hak Bir Gönül Verdi Bana (God Gave Me A Heart/Soul) – Yunus Emre